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Ok so uh. It's been about a month... Hi, how have you beeeeen? Laziness/Life got in the way and I didn't get as much as I wanted to done. So... the usual. I thought I should update this blog if only for my own sanity haha.

TL;DR: I got more art done! Not a whole lot, but some lol. Got some NPC reaction images done, got the text box for NPC interactions done, drafted up and then implemented a good looking NPC interaction (with typewriter text effect and everything), storyboarded out the opening animatic, contemplated 2D animation and then gave up, drew up some donut portal concept art, and started (hardly began) on the art for the various Underground Lab scenes.

OK, So the Things I Got Done:

NPC Interaction Art

Per last update, I did actually get some NPC art done!! But uh... only two. Listen. Motivation ran low these last weeks 😂 However! It's back and I'm working on things again!

Here's the two reaction images:

These are both of a character named Fynn who is an extremely eccentric scientist lady who I love. She's super energetic (to the point of annoyance for a select few of her coworkers) and I like to think of her as maybe a personified sour candy belt... I also did my first speedpaint of the second image here!

I also got the dialogue text box completed based on the concept art from last update. You can view it here in the mockup of an initial NPC interaction screenshot:

I think it turned out pretty well imao.

Opening Animatic and Donut Portal Concepts

So allow me to divulge a bit more about this mysterious donut game I've been making...

You play as a character who's working name is Dr. Satellite who is a scientist working a well established laboratory. During the beginning of the game you run into a couple of your coworkers; Dax, Jo, and most notably, Fynn, bringer of the Donutpocalypse. Long story short (and so as not to spoil too much), you end up chatting with Fynn and she convinces you to help her acquire an infinite supply of donuts for team meetings. This of course, results in the destruction of the world. Naturally.

Anyway, between the player's conversation with Fynn and the beginning of the end of the world, there's a perfect spot for an animatic. So I storyboarded it out! Here, have a really bad picture of it:

While I was in the process of coloring the first panel, I thought to myself, "You know what would be super cool and definitely not an f ton of work?"

"Actually animating this."


So I tried animating Dax's hair in the first panel. Here it is:

Took me like, 3 whole days. Kill me.

Also!! Here are my concepts for the Donut Portal! and the WIP for the settled on design.

Game Level Art!!1!!1!

I'm finally, FINALLY, getting to game level art. I've been putting it off for so long, but you know what, we're at that point (also I'm realllllyyyy putting off 3D modeling haha, so this is a good in between for the time being).

My process for this is to take a screenshot of the tilemap in Unity, throw it into Clip Studio Paint, super size the resolution by like 5 times, sketch the initial features over it, and then start coloring (keeping in mind the various layers that are going to need to be imported into Unity). Here's my working example of that process:

Granted, we'll see how this all works out when I actually try to import it into the editor 😂

To Do List

Ok, now with some renewed motivation, I'm going to try to:

  • Continue working on game level art (2 or 3 levels in 2 weeks would be good by me)

  • More NPC art

  • Set up more game events

  • Posssssiiiiiibbbbllllyyyyy, take a look at modeling some donut enemies >_>

So much to do hmmm

"Here's some dunky donuts because... you're epic"


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