About the Game

Donut Theory is a roguelike dungeon(donut)-crawler game that takes place during the donutpocolypse. Play as Dr. Satellite and save the world from annihilation via donut invasion. 

(More story details to come... eventually)

Sometimes you just need to beat up some donuts, ya feel?

The game will feature isometric environments with visual novel style NPC interaction and storytelling (other features are gonna be added I'm sure, no matter how small I try and keep the scope (¬_¬ )).

The game is currently in the middle of development and will be for a while, but this website is to document its progress toward becoming a fully fledged game! It's a completely ridiculous side project of mine, but a good first game imo.

And I'm super hype! As frustrating as game dev can be, it can be really fun too. Plus this game has donuts, donut chickens, donut c̸u̸l̷t̷i̴s̵t̴s̵, crow bars, basically anything a person could ever want.

About Me (the dev) and this Project

Hello. I am ChickenLover19 and I like chickens. I also like donuts and

video games. I'm a software engineer based in the 

Greater Seattle Area.

Donut Theory is a solo side project for me that I am pretty optimistic

about finishing (hahaha). Development is not going to be the quickest for

such a simple game based solely on the fact that I have a day job, but! I am

consistently making progress, whether that comes in the form of code, art, 

eating donuts, or updating this blog. I'll keep you updated *wink*.

Uhhhhh, I'm not sure what else to say. Donuts and chickens pretty much cover it...

My favorite video game is Portal 2, my first video game was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo... uhm... don't tell anyone, but I kinda like the Ghost Rider movies... I played a gnome bard who's instrument was a whoppie cushion in DnD >_>;;;;... I'll stop...


Q: Do you know this game is really stupid?

A: Yes. That's why I'm making it

Q: Do you... like chickens as pets... or do you... eat them?

A: Chickens are both majestic and delicious

Contact Me!

Not super great at responding to email, so the best way is to ping me on Twitter or the gram (that's cool kid for Instagram >_>)